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How to Speed Up Your Manifestations



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Have you ever wanted something to happen soooo badly and manifest more quickly in your life? 

We’ve all been there. You keep visualizing over and over working at your dream job, driving the car you want, waking up next to your soul mate…

But nothing happens. 

You’ve visualized it dozens of times…

You’ve felt the emotions of having and experiencing what you want…

But it hasn’t yet come into the physical. 

Here’s 3 tips to speed up your manifestation coming to you!

1. Write an appreciation list. List down everything in this moment you appreciate. It can be anything… the heat in your house, your dog, the sun shining outside, the little girl that smiled at you at the store, the comfy chair your sitting in, the drink you have next to you, the delicious food you ate earlier, the smell of your favorite lotion, your talents, your phone, your working electricity… 

Anything that you truly appreciate at the moment, write it down. Let yourself become overwhelmed with appreciation for the present and for what you have. Appreciating what you already have and listing off what you want in your life that you already have or experience, puts you in the state of receiving, where you’re energetically allowing yourself to receive more of what you want from the universe. 

2. Put action behind it. The universe LOVES when we act on ideas we’re given and when we put active energy behind what we want. The law of action – one of the 12 universal laws – also states that if you want something physical, you must do something physical.. You must do the things and perform the actions necessary to achieve what you want. Belief alone, is not enough to manifest what we truly desire, just as action alone is not enough to manifest what we truly desire. Our dreams are accomplished when belief and action are combined. 

3.Forget about it for a sec!!  A lot of times when we’re thinking of what we want over and over and over and over… we add unnecessary resistance on our path to reaching our goals. Decide what you want, visualize it, then let it go. You don’t have to always be thinking about it – and it’s usually best if you aren’t thinking about it! Trust that when you do your part (visualizing, putting action behind it, getting into a state of appreciation) the universe will do it’s part and bring what you want to you. There’s no need to worry about how or when your dreams will manifest!

Anna Pepe is Editor and Creator of Manifest Easy. After learning how to properly manifest the life of her dreams, and communicate with the Universe in a productive way, Anna now has a passion for helping others to do the same. Anna is a channel, and often channels lessons from her guides regarding love, romantic and platonic relationships, abundance, money, and more. Not only does she have a passion for helping others manifest the life they desire, she also has a passion for helping people recognize that they have incredible power within them, that often lies dormant. She loves to share other people’s stories, as well as her own stories and lessons from her guides, to help as many people as possible and share as many perspectives as possible with her brand. If you have a story you’d love to share, please go to the Contact Us page, or email Anna at

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Channeled Lessons

Stay in Alignment Throughout Your Day By Using This Powerful Technique to Lock in Your Intention



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In this video Anna Pepe shares how to use this powerful technique which she channeled from her spirit guides, to lock in your intention for your day, to help you stay in alignment with your goal, to help you stay focused, and to ultimately help you create a state of being from which you manifest easily and quickly.

Use this technique every morning to set your intention and set energetic filters within your energy centers and your physical body.

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An Exclusive Look Inside the Mind of AIRPORTS



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In his first interview with Manifest Easy, music artist AIRPORTS (aka Aaron Lee) gives us an exclusive look inside his mind, talks about his experiences growing up, and tells us how he’s manifested many things like financial freedom… Aaron also shares his practical technique that you can apply today to manifest anything.

Aaron Lee is a full time music artist and business owner native to Australia. He currently resides near Sydney, and is quickly gaining popularity worldwide from his music. Make sure you follow him on Instagram so you never miss out on new music (and you can stalk his page for all the awesome records he’s already dropped)! @airportsmusic

Aaron, what inspired you to become a music artist and producer?

“My dad is a musician, so I grew up around it. The first time I got to sing on stage was when I was 4 – I just got addicted to it! Being a Leo, I loved the attention haha.”

When you first decided to go full time as an artist and producer, did you have any fears or doubts? How did you overcome them?

I knew during my schooling years it was what I was going to do with my life, so against popular opinion I focused all my time into learning to write and produce music instead of studying.

Although I’m a pop singer now, I went straight into the DJ scene right after high school and started touring clubs. It was always scary because like most dream careers, it doesn’t come with an immediate financial return.

I learned a lot of hard lessons and was broke for many years.. but because of that I now have my own music business and get to work on my own artist project (AIRPORTS) – things are really good! Most importantly, I’m happy.

What is your biggest goal with your career?

“Innovate Music, Influence popular culture & save lives. I have “Innovate Influence Save” tattooed on my arm. Ultimate manifestation!!”

Photo by Trystin Sinnott @trystinsinnott and Emma Corrigan @emma.corrigan

Who inspires you to dream bigger and go beyond what others around you may think is possible?

“At the moment it’s Gary Vee, a must listen for anyone with ambition…. Many various artists and trend setters in pop culture – Kanye has been one of them long term… And my late mother, because she would never settle until she had her way! Haha.”

Your most recent music video project, called ‘U FEEL IT 2’ – which I had the honor of being in, thank you very much!! – was very inspiring in itself and connected people from all over the world with their common thoughts, feelings, and even fears. What inspired you to write this song and create such a meaningful and heartfelt video project for it?

“Thank you for being in it for real! I loved your answers so much! The song was written as a duality – it can be interpreted as a love song or a song about a relationship with a vice.

I wanted the video to reflect this but also during global isolation, I wanted it to show that we are all dealing with the same passions and fears and are still connected in knowing that.”

Click Here to watch the U FEEL IT 2 music video

Photo by Trystin Sinnott @trystinsinnott and Emma Corrigan @emma.corrigan

What makes you feel most powerful?

“Having a voice, having empathy, self awareness.. but most of all having loved ones around me that understand me.”

When you feel overwhelmed with creating, how do you snap yourself out of it and change your state of being?

“I have to take mental breaks, reconnect with loved ones, have deep conversations too. I should reconnect with the earth (outdoors) more, but need to work on that.”

If you were to pinpoint one trait or thing about yourself and amplify x1000 it to be your superhuman power, what would it be and why? 

“Self-Awareness. I believe if everyone was more self aware, it would breed more empathy, that would change the world and better humanity.”

Photo by Nathan Sinnott @nathan.sinnott

Carousel also featuring photos by Jake Percey @jakepercey

Your dance music is so fun to listen to and always gives a fresh take on the latest hits!! What’s your favorite remix that you’ve created so far?

Oh thank you! So besides being an artist, I have my own music company that specialises in music for Dance (choreography). Honestly I’ve done so many mixes I can’t pick a fav, but my recent Billie Eilish mix has gone really well. You can hear it on @aaronleeworldwide

How did you get started remixing music specifically for dancers and dance studios?

“I was recommended as a music producer some years ago to an Australian dance company that was doing their first tour. I got to grow with them and the demand spread from there. I fell into that, very grateful I did. It’s such a fun community to be part of.”

Photo by Alii May @aliimayphotography

You’re about to launch a podcast I’ve heard! What’s your podcast all about and what inspired you to start one?

“I am! It’s called The Human Things Podcast with AIRPORTS. I wanted to take listeners on the journey with me – not just through my music career but I wanted a platform to talk through some of my life experiences such as having two life threatening illnesses, my journey through mental health, self development and [my] spiritual journey – including leaving an ‘unclassified cult’ – haha!
I’m not into solo vlogs so I got one of my best mates, Bryce, to co-host it with me.

The first season drops soon on most streaming platforms such as Spotify. Episodes will be fortnightly to start with.”

Follow @airportsmusic on Instagram for updates on when his podcast episodes will be up!

You’ve overcome many things including rare diseases.. What was one thing that kept you going and kept you faithful to your beliefs and your worth during that difficult time?

“The fact that I knew I was made to do more. Having a purpose.”

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Photo by Trystin Sinnott @trystinsinnott

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve manifested into your life so far? 

“There are a few… overcoming some life threatening illnesses – being able to function and do what I love.
Entertain my entrepreneurial side an create a company – the music for dance [that I] previously mentioned – that allows me the freedom to invest into my #1 goal – AIRPORTS.
Freedom from anxiety and trauma through attracting the right people with the right forms of self development & treatment.
And my wonderful girlfriend!”

Do you have a manifestation technique or ritual that you do specifically when you want to call something new into your reality?

“It’s really simple.. I obsess over it in an excited way, I know and believe a way will reveal itself, and I take action to get there. It always works, sometimes quicker, sometimes longer than we expect.”

Photo by Sean Higgins @shotography

Let’s get a little vulnerable here… what’s one limiting belief that you have about success that you’ve either overcome already, or are working to overcome?

“That I am not succeeding quick enough and missing opportunities or being overlooked. But I am learning to accept what’s given to me and operate from peace and clarity as opposed to desperation. Desperation always leads to wrong decisions.”

What’s one thing that most people don’t know about you?

“I can’t swim but have grown up and still live right next to the beach! Haha”

Photo by Sean Higgins @shotography

What’s the best advice you have right now for someone who wants to do music for a living, or even just their passion for a living, but doesn’t know how to start?

“If it’s what’s going to ultimately make you happy – do it and don’t listen to the naysayers. Work overtime to learn anything that makes you excited, reach out to people and learn from them and collaborate.

Put yourself around the right circle of people who will help you grow in the direction you want. And again, only do what makes you HAPPY.”

Who do you want to be remembered as?

“That I helped many people and gave them awesome music.”

Follow AIRPORT’s journey on Instagram: @airportsmusic

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Mckenzie Strang is Living Her Dream Life Already at 19 Years Young



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In her first interview with Manifest Easy, Mckenzie tells us about how she’s proud to be living her dream life at 19 years old, and how she’s manifested her best friend coming back into her life right when she needed her!

Mckenzie’s Age: 19

Her Current location: United States

Mckenzie’s Profession: Daycare Teacher

Instagram Username: @mckenziestrang

Who or what are you most appreciative in your life? 

“I am appreciative most of my ability to live. some people do not get the opportunities that I get to experience and I am so grateful that I have the chance to live my life to the best of my ability. “

What was the biggest lesson for you in your life so far? How did this lesson shape you into the incredible person that you are today?

“I definitely have had a lot of learning when it comes to friendships. I have ended friendships with a lot of people because I have finally realized not EVERYONE is going to be good for me. learning this has really gotten me to be happy and actually have the potential to be the best me I can be.”

Our individual uniqueness is a gift. Even if you think you don’t have something unique within you, you do. What’s a unique part of you that makes you, you?

“I’m the kind of person that can make something fun in everything. i actually can be a negative person but i am very passionate about always finding fun in whatever is thrown my way. we have one life to live so it’s important to have fun living.”

Let’s say, your own personal magic dragon has appeared and can transport you to anywhere, at any time period – past, present, or future. Where is the first place you would go and why? What would you do there?

“I would go to greece in this time period. I really want to travel to greece because it’s an incredible place. definitely Santorini, Greece to swim in the ocean.”

What’s something you’ve felt or feel proud of recently?

“I’m proud of myself for creating my dream life. I’m in the process of getting my life exactly where I want it and I’m proud of myself for that because it has taken a lot.”

What is your favorite way to remind yourself how worthy and loved you are?

“I love looking at pictures of me with my favorite people and that usually helps a lot.”

“What is your “happy place”?”

“Anywhere with my best friend, Mary. Like no matter what we do we always have the best time even if we’re just sitting watching TV. I can’t be sad when we’re together.”

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6 year old me would be so happy…. have mercy

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What’s your favorite book that you’ve read or are reading?

“I don’t have a favorite book ’cause I don’t typically read unless I’m on a plane but I love Jodi Picoult.”

How do you wind down every night? Do you have a nightly ritual or routine?

“After I wash my face and get in pajamas, I usually get my dog Lily and we turn on Grey’s Anatomy for a few hours and I fall asleep.”

What’s your favorite thing that you’ve manifested into your life so far?

“My friend Mary and I have been friends for 10 years but we became distant after high school and I remember really asking for someone who isn’t crazy – there have been a lot of crazy people in my life -and next thing I knew Mary and I were hanging out again. Ever since then I really haven’t had any issues and I just always know she has my back. I truly couldn’t do life without her. She’s my best friend.”

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bare necessities

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Let’s say your friend has had a really tough day and is feeling pretty down about themselves and even their life in general. What do you tell your friend to help remind them that they can accomplish anything?

“I show them pictures. Pictures of how great life can be. Could be Pinterest pictures or pictures of us hanging out. There’s always positives so you should always think about those. “

What’s something that you love about yourself? 
“My smile. I know it’s clichè but I always get compliments about it and I just love it.”

What’s your favorite way to ‘self-care’ and express gratitude towards yourself and your existence?
“I like to color and watch Greys Anatomy. It’s not much but it really helps me in the long run.”

What are some songs that make you feel happy and LIT?
“Literally any upbeat country song. My favorite is Sounded Good Last Night by Cole Swindell but my favorite singer is Kelsea Ballerini. I would DIE to meet her lol!!”

We are constantly on social media especially at this time. It’s important to follow accounts that uplift us and make us feel good! What are some of your favorite social media accounts that inspire you and remind you how amazing and beautiful you are?

“So truthfully I don’t rely on anyone else to remind me how amazing and beautiful I am. I like to believe in myself and not rely on others. However I do follow a lot of meme accounts that I love.”

If you could be transported back to when you were seven years old, what would you tell your younger self? 
“I would tell myself that not everyone around you is gonna be good for you and you’ll have to learn that yourself. However when you finally figure that out, your life ends up becoming amazing and you feel powerful.”

Follow Mckenzie’s journey on Instagram: @mckenziestrang

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