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Reminding you of you true power so that you can manifest the life you desire

To understand how Manifest Easy came to be Manifest Easy… I think it’s best to introduce myself & give everyone a little background on myself first.


My name is Anna Pepe. I grew up hating my body… I would cry myself to sleep about it.


I felt like no one wanted to be my friend because I was “fat”.


I would cry when I would look in the mirror, and then use food to comfort myself and make me feel better.


I felt like I wasn’t enough, and the people and adults around me confirmed that belief with their words and actions. 


I always felt like I needed to change, to become something more, something better…. to be worthy of living the life I desire.


Fast forward to 2015, I was cheated on by this boy that I was totally infatuated with (I thought it was love at the time). 


I swore I was going to marry that boy… It broke me.


But little did I know, that would be the catalyst for massive inner growth and positive change. 


I looked within and with meditation and self reflection, I realized that it wasn’t really the boy, or any boy that was the problem… It was me.


I was trying to fill my voids with the love and attention of someone else…


Someone who couldn’t give me true love because I really wasn’t loving myself to begin with. 


I started on this journey, to becoming okay with being alone. My “Self-love” journey, as I would call it. 


I started meditating. I started journaling. I learned more about the law of attraction, and how our inner realities create our outer realities.


This began to shed the old me, the me that believed she wasn’t enough. 


The me that believed she was ugly and fat and not worthy of true love. 


The me that felt like she needed constant validation from the people around her to feel safe and worthy. 


And now… I am in no way finished shedding old beliefs and paradigms. 


But, I do feel that I am being called ( or rather being screamed at LOL) by the Universe, to share what I’ve learned, and to help others step into their massive, true power, that lies within. 


Manifest Easy came about after a vision I had during meditation. 


The vision was clear… that it’s time for me to use the knowledge and wisdom that I’ve been granted by the Universe to help others recognize and remember their power. 


My mission is to show people how easy it can be to live the life you desire. 


To help people heal their wounds and beliefs inflicted on them by others in their childhood, to help them shift their beliefs and perspectives, and to help people stay strongly connected with the Universe by cultivating a high-vibe routine and lifestyle. 


Manifest Easy is alllllll about spreading positivity, and highlighting people’s stories of how they’ve manifested what they want in life… To inspire others and show them that they can do the same!!! 


Yet, Manifest Easy is not only a platform for manifestation.


But also a platform for people who don’t know much about, (or aren’t aware at all) of the different spiritual tools and modalities we have available to us as humans to help us to reconnect with where we come from; our Source, the Universe. 


People who may know about manifestation may not know about reiki, and vice versa. 


Same with tarot, breath work, mindset work, NLP, hypnotherapy, meditation, crystals, affirmations… 


People may know about one tool but may not know about or be aware of the others; or maybe they want to delve deeper into learning about, and working with each tool along their spiritual journey. 


This is a place for them to do that. Not only is Manifest Easy here to highlight and share stories to inspire and uplift… 


Manifest Easy is here to give you the tools and the resources to help you move through trauma, to help you grow, to help you shift your energy and perspective, and expand your consciousness. 


The purpose of people sharing what they’ve accomplished and manifested, is not just to give others more confidence in their abilities to manifest what they want into their lives… 


But when we as a collective focus on the positive uprising of consciousness, with the goal of uplifting others and sharing our truths, everything we’re attracting to ourselves comes in tenfold, because we’re now doing it together – and together we are more powerful. 


A lot of times people around us physically don’t understand what we mean when we talk about our intuition, our higher self, or even manifestation. 


Even some of my close friends and family don’t really get it. It’s easy to feel like an outcast and to start to doubt your abilities; just because the people surrounding you doubt, or are even completely unaware of their own abilities. 


It’s so important for us to come together to remind each other of our true power and of the infinite possibilities the Universe has for each and every one of us. 


You can manifest the life of your dreams. 

WE can manifest the life of our dreams. 

We are manifesting the lives of our dreams. Together. <3 


I speak from the bottom of my heart when I say, thank you for being here on this journey with me. 


Thank you for showing up. 

Thank you for being willing to learn and share your experience and story. 


The light in me sees the light in you. 

I love you so so SO much, 


Anna Pepe 

Founder & Editor of Manifest Easy