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Divine Feminine Nikita Liu Shares How Modelling Has Given Her a New Level Of Confidence



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In her first interview with Manifest Easy, Nikita discusses how following her intuition has allowed her to become a full-time model, the importance of trusting the universe, and how modelling has given her a new level of confidence that laid dormant within her for 14 years.

Nikita’s Age: 18 years old

Her Current location: United States

Nikita’s Profession: Freelance Model

Instagram Username: @nikitaroseliu

What makes you feel most connected to your femininity?

“I feel the most connected to my femininity when I’m dressing up. I sing along to jazz music while I try on different clothes and pose in the mirror. It always feels glamorous.”

What outfit do you feel most sexy in?

“My personal style is a mixture of the risqué feeling of fetish clothing, the class of old Hollywood glamour, and the boldness of a pinup girl.

I feel my absolute sexiest when my hair is in a vintage style, my lips are red, and I’m wearing leather and vinyl.”

Has anyone ever judged you for showing your more feminine, emotional side? How did you deal with that?

“I tend to care very intensely and I used to do it in a way that was so overwhelming that I’m sure people thought I was crazy.

I drove a lot of people away. I can’t help it, I love to love.

I dealt with it by learning to stop being pushy and realizing that not everyone is meant to be around you forever.”

At what point in your life did you start to really step into your femininity and the divinity that comes with that?

“I began to learn about spirituality when I was around 14, but it wasn’t until I was 17 that I began to step into my femininity.

I spent the majority of my life basing my value on the judgments of others and I never considered myself worthy enough of love or respect to walk away from certain situations. Difficult times hardened me and I felt as if love was a limited resource to be used as sparingly as possible.

When I was 17, I went through what felt like the worst heartbreak a person could feel. Very soon after that, I dove deeper than ever into spirituality.

The universe presented me with solution after solution to every problem in my life at a pace that seemed miraculous. For the first time in my life, I felt truly divine.”

What’s your favorite self-care ritual?

“My favorite self care ritual is dimming the lights, lighting a candle, turning on some music, and dancing to it. Moving my body without caring about how I look brings me this really blissful, free feeling.”

 What do you love most about being a woman?

“I love the power that lies in being vulnerable. I love feeling secure in my emotions and not needing to put up a facade to protect myself.”

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What inspires your creativity most?

“I find the most inspiration through the people I admire. I watch their interviews or speeches and I immediately feel like making or learning something.”

How do you express your creative side?

“I’ve always wanted to be the artist as well as the art, and I found that modeling fulfilled that need. I always do my own hair and makeup and I style all of my shoots.

Recently, I’ve been shooting and editing my own photos at home and it’s been so much fun trying to create different kinds of images in the same space.

Outside of modeling, I’m an avid painter and I make clothes sometimes. I just love to be in a constant state of creation.”

Women are intuitive beings by nature. What’s one instance where you’ve felt called to really tap into your intuition and listen to that voice inside of you?

“I went to cosmetology school for about a month and I was so miserable. I knew that it wasn’t what I was supposed to be doing, but, there were so many people that made me feel like I needed a “plan b” because my goals were not conventional.

I followed my intuition and dropped out to pursue the career I really wanted. I am so grateful that I did.” 

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Women have an intrinsic trait where we tend to avoid confrontation, and handle issues passively. Because of this, we can often manipulate the situation and get our way without fighting. What’s one time that you’ve seen this trait show through you?

“There were times in which I just completely stopped talking to people because it felt easier than confronting them. I hope to become more tactful.”

When did you really start to feel confident in yourself? Was there a specific moment or event that caused you to embrace yourself with love and step into confidence?

“I lived 14 years without ever feeling pretty. I always felt like I was too short or too fat or my shoulders were too broad or that the giant birthmark on my left arm was a stupid flaw.

Constant thoughts like that can feel so heavy on a young girl. I decided one day that I wanted to look nice…

I wanted to dress up and do my hair and makeup and get a professional photographer to take my photos. When I saw the final images, I saw myself in a new light. I felt confident in my appearance for the first time in my life.”

Was there a time you ever doubted yourself? And how did you overcome your doubt?

“When I was in my senior year of high school, everyone around me was applying to college. My parents expected me to go to college. I saw a different path for myself.

I saw myself becoming a model, an actress, an artist. I saw myself learning because of my overwhelming desire for knowledge, not for a degree. I hadn’t started modeling professionally yet at this point and I had so many doubts that any of this would work out.

As difficult as it was at first, I put all of my trust in the universe. I had to remind myself over and over that I would get what’s meant for me.”

As women, we are too often told we need to change the way we look, and the media and beauty industries can pick on our insecurities. How do you like to honor your body and remind yourself how beautiful and perfect you are? 

“I honor my body by staying healthy. I eat clean and exercise almost every day. I remind myself that my body is strong and capable and that I should be thankful for that.”

What advice would you give to a young girl who isn’t confident in her body and femininity yet?

“You don’t have to look like someone you think is beautiful to be beautiful yourself. Beauty comes in every form. The universe has created the most diverse, magnificent sights. Know that you are one of them.”

Women are naturally highly sensitive beings, and we deeply feel our emotions. How do you honor your emotions and give yourself space to feel?

“When my emotions feel intense, I write them down in complete honesty. I put all my incoherent thoughts verbatim on paper. I don’t ever let myself suppress my feelings and when I’m feeling bad, I ask myself what I’m afraid of.”

As women, and divine feminine beings, we’re given the precious ability to create life. In our society, we’re told we need to be mothers and raise a family. While having the incredible ability to create life and give birth, not every woman decides to become a mom, and that’s okay. What are your thoughts on this topic? How do you feel about being able to create the most precious thing on earth – life itself?

“This is a topic I feel very strongly about. The ability to create life is so magical. However, I have chosen to not be a mother.

It is so unsettling to hear the words “you’ll change your mind” whenever I express this choice.

In society’s eyes, you have to want to be a mother or you’re selfish. I hear women who are not mothers often referred to as “childless women” and I think that’s horrible because it implies that they are missing something just because they did not raise a child.

These women have life purposes. They have careers, passions, and dreams, yet, society only looks at them as “childless women” and that breaks my heart.”

The divine feminine energy within you is inherently strongly connected to nature – Mother Earth. What is your favorite way to spend time in nature and honor Mother Earth?

“I love to go to nature trails and take long walks. I also love to just sit still and observe the clouds and the butterflies and the way the wind shakes the trees.”

As women, we are the embodiment of Divine Feminine energy, but we also have Divine Masculine energy within us. Do you often feel like you have more feminine energy than masculine, or vice versa? How does the energy that you think is most dominant within you often express itself through you? 

“I believe that I’ve mostly reached a balance between the two after being feminine dominant for a very long time. For brief moments nowadays, my masculine energy shines through strongly.

I can be a little impulsive, impatient, and aggressive, but the feminine energy in me always strives to improve in those areas.”

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Anna Pepe is Editor and Creator of Manifest Easy. After learning how to properly manifest the life of her dreams, and communicate with the Universe in a productive way, Anna now has a passion for helping others to do the same. Anna is a channel, and often channels lessons from her guides regarding love, romantic and platonic relationships, abundance, money, and more. Not only does she have a passion for helping others manifest the life they desire, she also has a passion for helping people recognize that they have incredible power within them, that often lies dormant. She loves to share other people’s stories, as well as her own stories and lessons from her guides, to help as many people as possible and share as many perspectives as possible with her brand. If you have a story you’d love to share, please go to the Contact Us page, or email Anna at

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Do This Simple Technique To Release Negative Thoughts and Feelings



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Do This Simple Technique To Release Negative Thoughts and Feelings

I’m gonna be realllll bold here…

So you think you love yourself, huh?

I mean really. Do you think you love yourself???

I thought I loved myself. 

I thought I had done the work.

I thought I had done enough meditating, 

I thought I had done enough soul-searching,

I thought I had done enough shadow work and integration…. 

I realized….

Self love is not a college degree. 

It is not something you earn or tap into once you’ve “done enough of the work”.

It is a moment-by-moment, unconditional love. 

It is constantly choosing love, over that little voice (or big loud scary voice) that tells you that you aren’t enough.

It’s choosing love over the voice that tells you you’re not good enough.

It’s choosing love over the voice that tells you that you should feel ashamed, or that you should feel guilty for the things you’ve done in the past. 

It’s choosing love when you eff up. 

It’s choosing love when you feel afraid, or when you feel worried about the future. 

You see…

Self love isn’t a degree. 

Self love isn’t something you earn,

It isn’t something that just stays with you, because you’ve felt it or tapped into it a few times, or even many times.

You have to constantly choose love. 

Unconditional love for yourself, and really for everyone around you, as we are all really one. 

When you constantly choose love, it becomes second nature to keep choosing it. 

But yet, it is a choice. 

Not a badge. 

Not a degree. 

Not a permanent state. 

We can make a habit out of choosing love. 

We can also make a habit out of choosing fear, worry, anxiety, self-judgement, judgement upon others… 

We can make it a point to choose love. To consciously choose love.  

And even when you’ve made a habit out of choosing love…

You still may experience times when you might choose fear, or worry, or judgement…

And that’s okay. 

You don’t need to run away from those things. 

You can acknowledge them, and move past them. 

Call them out for what they really are – They are the absence of love.

These negative feelings and emotions, they don’t belong to you. They don’t belong to your true self. 

If you feel yourself getting caught up in these types of feelings and emotions, here’s a simple tip/exercise that you can apply at any time, to relieve unpleasant feelings, thoughts and emotions!

  1. Take a deep breath. Breathe in for 6 counts, hold for 3 counts, then breathe out for 9 counts.
  2. Breathe in again, using the same breathing pattern – but this time, picture the negative or unpleasant thoughts and emotions jumping into an elevator (during the breath in and hold at the top), an elevator that’s appeared inside your brain. 
  3. As you release your breath, picture the elevator going down, stopping at your heart center as you fully release. 
  4. If you’re not driving or doing something else while doing this, place your hands over your heart. Feel your heart center expand. Feel the massive electromagnetic energy coming from your heart, into your hands, back into your heart, and spreading all around you into your auric field. 

When we drop into our heart center, we can really FEEL whether or not what we’re thinking, feeling, etc. is coming from our Higher Selves. We automatically tap into the frequency of love. 

And you have the ability to do this at any time, anywhere. 

This is just one example, one reminder of how powerful we truly are – as spiritual beings, having a human experience. 

And feel free to do this exercise often, as many times as you feel the need to. 

Because remember, self love – love in general… does not come in the form of a badge. It does not come in a degree.

Choose love, in this and every moment… because this moment, now, is all that really exists.

I have so much love for all of you reading. 

With love, 

Anna Pepe

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Arguing? Spiritual People Don’t Do That…



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If you’re reading this, you’re probably human…

Which means, you’ve probably been in an argument a few times.

Arguing is something that we’ve been taught to do since we were really little. 

Everyone was programmed by their parents’ conversations, siblings, teachers…

We were programmed to respond in certain ways depending on our environment growing up. 

We soaked in everything around us as children, without discernment (which was of no fault to us as we were probably not taught discernment), without knowing that what we’re soaking in and absorbing is shaping us, likely for the rest of our lives.

The way you argue is likely the way you saw those around you arguing when you were growing up. 

Is arguing a bad thing?

No, because nothing is good or bad unless you give it that meaning. 

The real question, in my opinion, is “Is arguing serving me?”

The title of this article (completely sarcastic BTW) is to play on the fact that many people think that spiritual people shouldn’t, or don’t, argue. 

That’s completely false. 

Spiritual people aren’t perfect and we all have moments where we fall back into the program of the matrix. 

The goal is to care so much about how you feel, your state of being, your emotional frequency output…

that you don’t want to do anything that brings you in a state where you’re not feeling in alignment and in a space of unconditional love for yourself, and for those around you.

That’s what it means to be dedicated on your spiritual path. 

Nonetheless, spiritual people aren’t perfect – as you’re probably already aware of! 

And while you’re an amazing, beautiful, powerful soul who’s reading this message..

You’re not perfect either!

And that’s totally okay, because like I said in the beginning of this article…

You’re human. 

You came here to be human, which means to be perfectly imperfect. 

Love on the parts of yourself that feel they need to enter an argument from a place that is not of unconditional love. 

If you need to get your point across, do it with love, in a way that doesn’t breed fear, hate, or hard feelings.

A reminder that arguing only breeds that in which we do not want. 

Love you.

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Channeled Lessons

Stay in Alignment Throughout Your Day By Using This Powerful Technique to Lock in Your Intention



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In this video Anna Pepe shares how to use this powerful technique which she channeled from her spirit guides, to lock in your intention for your day, to help you stay in alignment with your goal, to help you stay focused, and to ultimately help you create a state of being from which you manifest easily and quickly.

Use this technique every morning to set your intention and set energetic filters within your energy centers and your physical body.

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